D.W. and the Beastly Birthday/Transcript (2024)

D.W. and the Beastly Birthday/Transcript (1)


  • 1 Title Card: D.W. throws down her tiara
  • 2 D.W.'s Dream
  • 3 Arthur's Dream
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  • 6 D.W.'s Dream
  • 7 Real World
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Title Card: D.W. throws down her tiara[]

D.W., Emily, Bud and the Tibbles sit at the table wearing fine clothes while Mr. Read serves a cake with five candles. Mrs. Read follows him while Grandma Thora stands nearby, holding Kate.

Kids: (cheer)

Bud: Happy Birthday, D.W.

Tommy: Happy Birthday, D.W.

Timmy: Happy Birthday, D.W.

Tommy: Happy Birthday, D.W.

Emily: Yoo-hoo!

D.W.: (takes deep breath)

She blows out four of the candles. The fifth refuses to go out even after three blows.

D.W.: Hey, this isn't one of those funny candles that won't blow out, is it? I hate those!

Tommy: You just need to blow harder. Like this! (takes deep breath)

He blows so hard that the candle goes out and some of the icing flies on D.W.

D.W.: Hmph! (thinks:) So far, this birthday has been a complete bust.

Flashback: D.W. lies in bed on the morning of her birthday.

D.W. (narrator): It started with the weather. On a girl's fifth birthday, it should be super-sunny with big, puffy clouds.

She imagines a sun with sunglasses singing.

Sun: (sings:) Dee-dubbelyoooo!

D.W. (narrator): But it seems, Mr. Sun didn't get the message.

D.W. walks to the window. As soon as she looks out, thunder crashes and rain starts to fall.

D.W. (narrator): And he wasn't the only one not getting messages.

Flashback: Some days earlier, the Reads have breakfast. D.W. pours herself cereal.

D.W. (narrator): For weeks I’ve been dropping hints about this toy I really wanted.

D.W. shows her mom a newspaper ad.

D.W.: Look! It's Fluff McGuffin the Magic Puffin! You know he talks and helps teach kids the alphabet?

Mrs. Read: Hm...

She goes on reading the paper.

Flashback: D.W., Arthur and their dad pass the toy shop. Fluff McGuffin stands in the window.

D.W.: Look! There he is again!

Arthur and Mr. Read walk past the shop window.

On TV, two kids resembling Lucy and Edwin play with Fluff McGuffin.

D.W.: And again!

She points at the TV. Arthur and Thora are sitting on the couch.

Arthur: D.W., you're blocking the TV.

D.W. leans against Thora’s legs.

D.W.: Boy, that puffin sure is cute. And educational.

Thora pets her and goes on reading her book.

D.W. (narrator): What was I supposed to do? Shout at the top of my lungs: Buy me that puffin for my birthday? Then it wouldn't be a surprise.

Flashback: On the morning of her birthday, D.W. opens the last present. It has the right shape but turns out to be a ‘Confuse the Goose’ game.

D.W.: Erm... Is that it?

Mr. Reads lets the air out of a balloon he was just blowing up. Mrs. Read looks surprised.

D.W.: I mean, wow, what great presents.

She picks up a toy frog which sticks out its tongue at her.

D.W.: Hh!

Flashback: In the early afternoon, D.W. goes to the door where her mom is just hanging up Emily’s coat.

D.W. (narrator): And then there's been this party. James and Amanda couldn't come ‘cause they were sick. And Emily just had to wear a prettier dress.

Mrs. Read Oh Emily, don't you look adorable. Is that a new dress.

Emily: Yes, Mrs. Read. Marie-Hélène bought it for me in Paris [pronounced: puh-REE].

D.W.: Well, I have a tiara

Emily: It'll match mine.

She reaches into a coat and puts on a bigger tiara.

Emily: Almost. Mine's bigger.

D.W. looks sad. When they go into the dining room, D.W. throws her tiara away.

Flashback: The kids play Confuse the Goose.

D.W. (narrator): So far, Bud has won every single game like he usually does.

Bud shoots a coin into the goose’s beak.

Bud: I win again!

D.W.: Oh, come on! Can't you loose just once?! It's my birthday!

Bud: I can't help it! I was just born lucky.

Flashback: The blindfolded Tibbles whack a piñata.

D.W. (narrator): And the Tibbles... well, they've just been the Tibbles.

The piñata falls to the floor and breaks.

D.W. (narrator): I was sort of hoping they’d be a bit less Tibblish.

The Tibbles continue whacking the piñata.

D.W.: It's down! It's down! You can stop hitting!

The Tibbles take off their blindfolds.

Timmy+Tommy: (laugh)

They, Bud, and Emily start gathering the candy.

D.W.: Hh!

The flashbacks end. Mr. Read serves the cake.

D.W. (narrator): And the cake was supposed to be chocolate with vanilla icing, but Dad thought I sad vanilla with chocolate icing.

D.W.: I'm not hungry.

She pushes her plate away and looks sad.

D.W. (narrator): Things should be perfect on your birthday. Well, so far, it has been the opposite of that.

D.W.: (sighs)

Emily: What are we going to play next?

D.W.: Hide and Seek.

Timmy: Hide and Seek?? Oh, that's a baby game!

D.W.: It is not a baby game! And if it was a baby game, we’re still playing it! You know why?!

The others stare at her and shake their heads.

D.W.: Because it's my birthday and everyone has to do what I say!! Are we clear?!

The others nod.

Bud: Can I be “it”? I'm a really good finder.

D.W.: Sure. You can be “it”, but you're not finding me.


Shortly afterwards, Bud stands in front of the grandfather clock with his eyes closed and counts.

Bud: ...16...17...18... er... What comes after 18?

Emily (offscreen): 19!

Bud: Thanks. 19...20! Ready or not, here I come!

He runs into the hallway and looks around, then he goes up the stairs.

D.W. is sitting with Nadine in a small storeroom under the staircase. Nadine is holding a glass of fireflies as a lamp.

D.W.: So that's been my fifth birthday so far. One gigantic flop.

Nadine: Oh, I'm so sorry. What about Arthur? Where is he?

D.W.: Don't even get me started on him!


Arthur, Buster and Ladonna walk to the Elwood City Planetarium.

Arthur: The best part about this trip to the planetarium is that I get to miss the party.

Ladonna: What party? Is there a party? Can I come?

Arthur: Trust me, you wouldn't wanna go to this one.

Ladonna: Why not? A party is a party.

Buster: This is D.W.’s fifth birthday party.

Ladonna: You're missing your little sister's birthday?? I could never do that. Compsons don't miss birthdays. That's the motto on our family crest.

Buster: You have a family crest?

Ladonna: Well... no... But if we did have one, that's would it would be. In Latin.

Arthur: You don't understand! D.W.’s parties are a complete nightmare for me. It’s the one day where I have to do everything she says. Like, last year she made me get on my hands and knees and be a pony.

Flashback: On D.W.’s fourth birthday party, Arthur is wearing a fake unicorn horn. D.W. sits on his back and uses a jump rope as a bridle and a fly swatter as a riding crop.

D.W.: Faster, Unicorny, faster! (laughs)

Kids: (cheer)

D.W.: Okay, stop at the castle!

D.W. gets off.

D.W.: Ugh! What a terrible parking job. Okay, Emily, it's your turn to ride him.

Arthur spits out the jump rope and stands up.

Arthur: No way! I's done!

D.W.’s lips tremble.

D.W.: Mom!!

Mrs. Read comes in and D.W. pretends to be in tears.

D.W.: Arthur's being mean to me on my birthday.

Arthur: What?!

Mrs. Read looks tired.

Mrs. Read: Arthur…

Arthur: No, I’m not! My back just hurts!

Mrs. Read: Honey, it’s one day.

Arthur: (sighs) This is so unfair.

He gets back on his knees. D.W. smiles maliciously and hands Emily the fly swatter.

D.W.: Here. If you give him a little tap on the tuchus, he goes faster.

Timmy+Tommy: (snicker)

The flashback ends. Buster looks at a telescope while the kids queue for tickets.

Ladonna: Yikes! That does sound bad. Still, you’re gonna do something for her, right?

Arthur: Of course. I’ve got her this card.

He hands D.W. a card showing two anthropomorphic llamas.

Ladonna: D.W. doesn't stand for David Winifred, does it?

Arthur: Huh? No, it’s Dora. Why?

Ladonna: Because this says: "To the world’s best little... brother".

Arthur looks at the card.

Arthur: Aw. I could have sworn that was a little girl.

Buster looks at the card.

Buster: They all look like mutants to me.

Ladonna: Didn't you even open it up?

Arthur: I was in a rush.

Ladonna: Well, I hope you at least got her a good present.

Arthur: Um...

Ladonna: Don't tell me you forgot.

Arthur: It's okay, I'll just pick up some chocolate on the way home.

Mr. Ratburn opens the door to the planetarium’s theater.

Mr. Ratburn: Okay, class, everyone come in and take your seats.

Arthur: D.W. loves chocolate. It's her favorite thing in the world.

Ladonna: Phew, you wouldn't last too long in the Compson family.

The kids all walk into the theater.

Buster: What kind of animal is that supposed to be anyway?

Arthur: Um... maybe an aardvark.


D.W. is still sitting under the staircase and looks sadly at the fireflies.

D.W.: What time is it?

Nadine pulls out a watch with a face on it. The hands are a moustache.

Nadine: A hair past three freckles.

D.W.: Why hasn't anybody found me yet? Do you think they've all stopped looking?

Nadine: No, you're just the world's best hider, that's all.

D.W. still looks sad.

Nadine: You could open the present I got you while you wait.

D.W.: You got me a present?

Nadine: Of course. What are imaginary friends for.

She folds her arm, closes her eyes and nods. A box appears.

Nadine: And it's very, very special.

She hands D.W. the box.

D.W.: What is it?

She opens the box and finds a golden ticket saying “Island of Ukubonga”.

Nadine: A ticket to a beautiful and mysterious island: Ukubonga. I’ve never been there, but I hear it's wonderful. I won it from Rumpelstiltskin in Crazy Eights.

D.W.: Thanks. How do I get there?

Nadine: You just scratch off that grey patch and say the magic spell.

D.W.: Great. Hey, do you have a coin?

Nadine makes a coin appear and D.W. scratches the patch to reveal strange letters.

D.W.: Let's go!

Nadine: It's only a ticket for one. I can't go with you. And... well... I should warn you. The island gives you whatever you want.

D.W.: So? What's wrong with that? I love getting what I want.

Nadine: Well, sometimes what you want turns out to be... not so great.

D.W.: Puh-lease! It can't be any worse than today.

She continues scratching.


Meanwhile, a group of third and fourth-graders sit in the planetarium’s theater.

Mr. Ratburn: Alright. In just a minute, you'll be taking a trip to the cosmos.

Buster: Mr. Ratburn.

Mr. Ratburn: Yes, Buster.

Buster: If we have to go to the bathroom, how do we stop the rocket.

Mr. Ratburn: There is no rocket, Buster. You're going on a visual and auditory tour. It's a like a movie, but more immersive.

Buster: Do we get popcorn?

Mr. Ratburn: No. Now, just lean back, look up at the stars and the show will begin shortly.

His cellphone rings.

Mr. Ratburn: Ah! Oh, hello Francis. How was Tanzania? Really? Oh, that's just wonderful. Well, we're at the planetarium. It's Science Saturday and I thought...

He walks out.

Arthur: I really should have gotten D.W. a present. I was going to do it yesterday, but I just forgot.

Buster: If we go back in time, I'll remind you.

Arthur: Thanks.(yawns)

Brain: You know, in a way, time travel is possible.

Arthur: How?

Brain: Well, if you travel close to the speed of light, then time would slow down. What was just an hour for you might have been years and years on Earth.

Buster: See, I told you, you could change history. Let's go back and invent donuts. We'll be millionaires!

Arthur: (sighs)

Brain: I didn't say anything like that...

Arthur: Shh! It's starting!

Announcer: The universe. It is all that we know. And yet, so much of it is unknown. Imagine you are travelling through our solar system, past Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Now you are leaving the solar system and entering our vast galaxy, the milky way, containing over two hundred billion stars.


D.W. finishes scratching the spell free.

D.W.: Okay, there's the spell!

Arthur: Now all you have to do is recite it and your adventure will begin.

D.W.: But I can't read!

Nadine: Hold the ticket up to your forehead and close your eyes. The words will come to you.

D.W. does so. The image begins swirling.

D.W.: “Hear what you wanna hear. See what you wanna see. Take me to the land where imagination runs free.”


Arthur is still watching the show. A swirling galaxy reflects in his glasses. He closes his eyes.

Announcer: We are approaching Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. If we could travel inside it, where would it take us?


D.W.'s Dream[]

D.W. finds herself lying on a beach holding the ticket to her forehead. She is wearing the tiara she threw away earlier and she is also wearing a life jacket.

D.W.: Huh! Huh? Where am I?

She stands up. The beach looks normal, with a lighthouse nearby.

D.W.: A beach? Big deal! I’ve been to the beach before!

She sees a small sailboat with DW written on the sail.

D.W.: Oh, a sailboat! Now that looks like fun!

D.W. loosens the boat and is immediately carried away.

D.W.: Huh' Woo-hoo! (laughs)

D.W.’s boat rides high waves.

D.W.: Woo-hoo! (laughs) Now we’re cooking with gas! Ya-ha-ha! Whoo! Woo-hoo! Whoa! Roller coaster! That was great!

A giant purple tentacle lifts the boat out of the water.

D.W.: Whoa! What’s happening?! (screams)

The boat slides along the tentacle and stops right in front of a giant octopus’ face.

D.W.: Augh! A giant octoputty!

The octopus lifts the boat up and puts it down.

D.W.: Hh! (screams) I've had a nightmare about this once. Put me down! It's my birthday! I command you!

The octopus drops the boat into the water.

D.W.: Well, that wasn't so hard. Actually, pick me up again!

The octopus does so.

D.W.: Now carry me over these big waves! They're fun, but they make me a little seasick. To Ukubonga, and step on it! Whoa!

The octopus carries the boat on one tentacle.

D.W.: (laughs) Ya-haa! Whooo! Woo-hoo-hoo. Woo-hoo!


Arthur's Dream[]

Buster shakes Arthur who is asleep in the planetarium.

Buster: Arthur! Wake up!

Arthur: Huh? Don't tell me I missed the whole thing!

Buster: You missed something, but I'm not sure it was the show.

The kids walk to the exit where Mr. Ratburn is waiting. He is wearing different clothes and has a white goatee.

Muffy: Hey, this room looks a little different!

Brain: Weird, my watch has stopped.

Ladonna: What's going on?

Brain: Mr. Ratburn looks different.

Ladonna: No way!

Mr. Ratburn: Settle down, everyone, settle down. I have some interesting news to report. While you were watching the show, a small wormhole opened up in the space-time-continuum.

Muffy: Eew! Did any worms get out?

Mr. Ratburn: No, but you were all sucked into the wormhole and transported into the future.

Brain: Hh! How far into the future?

Mr. Ratburn: Exactly four years. Although for you, only an hour has elapsed. You're still all in third grade.

Kids: (Whoa! No way!)

Mr. Ratburn: The good news is, I'm giving you all an extra day for your homework assignments while you adjust to your new time. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

The kids walk out into the planetarium’s lobby looking worried.


Arthur, Buster, Ladonna and Muffy walk home past the Sugar-Free Bowl. There are some wind turbines and a construction site for a high building.

Arthur: Wow! I can't believe four years have gone by.

Buster: I know. It explains why I'm so hungry.

Ladonna: I see a few taller buildings and an electric bus. But, actually, not that much has changed.

Muffy: What are you talking about! Look at the new phones!

A lady walks by carrying a cellphone that emits a 3D hologram of the person she is talking to.

Hologram: He was, like, I'm so no into that.

Lady: No way! He said what?!

Muffy takes out her cellphone.

Muffy: Huh! Ugh! Mine is so four years ago.

Arthur: I wonder if my family will recognize me.

Ladonna: Of course they will. Remember, you haven't changed at all. The question is, will you recognize them?


Arthur walks into the Read house.

Arthur: Hello! Anybody home?

Kate: Arthur's back!

A girl runs up to him and hugs him. She resembles D.W. and wears her usual dress, but her hairdo and skin tone are Kate’s.

Arthur: Oof. Haha. Hey, D.W. Your hair is different.

Kate: I'm not D.W. I'm Kate.

Arthur: Huh?

Kate: Ugh. It's because I'm wearing this silly outfit, isn't it. I have to wear all her hand-me-downs.

Arthur takes off his winter clothes as his parents come around the corner.

Mrs. Read: You're home!

Mr. Read: Arthur? We missed you. Good to have you back, son.

Arthur hugs his parents.

Arthur: It's good to be back. Where's D.W.?

Mrs. Read: She's out with her friends. It's her ninth’ birthday.

Arthur: Huh! She's older than me?!

Mr. Read: Well, we’re all older, Arthur.

A large dog runs up to Arthur and wags his tail.

Arthur: Hey, boy. You're all grown up.

Pal licks his face.

Kate: Come on. I wanna show you Dora's room before she gets home.

Arthur: Dora?

Mr. Read: When she turned six, she decided she actually likes the name. Now she only wants to be called that.

Arthur follows Kate up the stairs.


Dora’s room, which was previously Arthur’s, has a “No Kate” sign on the door.

Kate: Dora would never let me go in here alone. But it's okay because I'm with you.

They go inside. There is a superheroine poster on the wall and plenty of books and a few stuffed animals on the shelves. Uni lies on the bed.

Arthur: This used to be my room. Huh, I would have thought there'd be more stuffed animals.

Kate: Don't tell her I told you, but she still sleeps with Uni sometimes.

Kate walks to Arthur’s old desk.

Kate: And this is where she works. Here, I'll pretend to be her. “Get out of my room! I’m doing my homework!” Dora's always doing homework. But now that you're back, I'll have someone to play with.

Arthur: Um...

He spots a photograph of himself and four-year-old D.W. who is making bunny ears behind his back.

Arthur: Hehe, that's the D.W. I remember.

Kate leads him out.

Kate: Let's get out of here. I don't wanna get in trouble. First, we’re gonna play ‘Confuse the Moose’, then ‘Tower of Tofu’, then...


D.W.'s Dream[]

The giant octopus carries D.W.’s boat to a tropical island with a volcano. She puts the boat down in a bay.

D.W.: Thanks, Octoputty. Here, you can have my tiara for a tip.

D.W. throws the tiara and the octopus puts it on her head. She looks flattered, then disappears into the sea.

D.W.: Hello!! Anybody home?!

Roaring is heard from the jungle and shadowy figures appear.

Bobbleboo: Oh, a little one!

Bobblebay: Barely a snack!

Filomena: It's so unappealing!

Muk: I found her first so I get the first bite!

D.W.: Bite? Who said bite?

Four monsters run at her. They resemble Emily, Bud and the Tibbles.

Monsters: (roar)

D.W.: Wait! Stop! I have a ticket!

The monsters stop.

Bobbleboo: Let me see that!

Bobblebay: Oh!

Bobbleboo: It's true! She has the ticket!

Bobblebay: She is the chosen one!

Monsters: All hail queen...

Muk: What's your name?

D.W.: D.W.

Monsters: ...D.W.! Welcome to Ukubonga! Hurray! (roar)

They dance around D.W.

D.W.: Stop!

The monsters immediately freeze. Bobbleboo balances on one leg.

D.W.: Well, that's more like it. Now that you know who I am, let's find out who you are. What are your names?

Bobblebay: I'm Bobblebay.

Bobbleboo: I'm Bobbleboo.

Bobbles: We’re the Bobbles!

D.W.: Hm... You two sort of remind me of some people. Do you like to shout?

Bobblebay: No. I hate shouting. I like being gentle and quiet.

Bobbleboo: I can be quieter than you.

Bobblebay: No you can't.

Bobbleboo: Oh yeah? Watch me.

Both Bobbles stand still for a moment.

Bobblebay: (burps)

Bobbleboo: (laughs) Told ya.

D.W.: Who are you?

Muk: Muk.

D.W.: That's a nice hat. You didn't win it off some scrappy little kid named Bud, did you?

Muk: No, I never win at anything. This hat is part of my head. Pull it!

Muk does seem to wear a hat like Bud’s with ears and horns sticking out of it. D.W. swings on it.

Muk: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! See?

D.W.: O...kay.

Filomena: I'm Filomena. Enchanté.

D.W.: What are you wearing?

Filomena: Rags. I picked them out myself. Aren’t they gorgeous?

D.W.: Um... No.

Bobbleboo: It's true.

Bobblebay: They're terrible.

Muk: You look like a chew toy.

Filomena: Ah. I guess I just have terrible taste.

D.W.: Alright, the introductions are over. What do we do now?

Filomena: Whatever you want. You're the queen.

She puts a crown on D.W.’s head and hands her a scepter.

D.W.: Okay… I say we have a big party. With a feast.

Monsters: Oh yeah, a feast! I love feasts!

D.W.: And music.

Monsters: Yeah, yeah, music! Music!

D.W.: And dancing.

Monsters: Dancing! Yeah! Dancing! Hurray!

The monsters carry D.W. away.

Monsters: Feast, music, dancing! Feast, music, dancing! Feast, music, dancing! Feast, music, dancing!...


Arthur's Dream[]

Meanwhile, Arthur plays ‘Tower of Tofu’ with Kate in her room (formerly D.W.’s room). The game consists of stacking tofu cubes instead of cows.

Arthur: (yawns)

Kate: I win! Let's play again.

Arthur: We’ve already played four times.

Kate: Fine. We'll play something else. Boy, you get bored easily. I know, let's play horsey.

She gets a jump rope.

Kate: Just put this in your mouth and I'll...

Arthur: No way! Did D.W. tell you to...

Dora: No, she discovered it all on her own.

Arthur looks. Dora stands in the door, looking like a taller version of D.W. with cooler clothes and glasses.

Arthur: D.W.! I mean, Dora.

Dora: My long lost big brother!

They hug. Dora is slightly taller than Arthur.

Dora: Who is not that big anymore. Hi, Shorty.

Arthur: Haha. Cut it out!

Dora: You haven't changed a bit.

Arthur: You have.

Dora: Not really, it's still the same old me... and I still want my snowball back!

Arthur: D.W., I told you once and for all, I never...

Dora: (chuckles) I'm kidding. I haven't thought about that old thing in years. Come on, let's get a snack, I'm starving.

Arthur follows her. Kate runs after him.

Kate: Don't tell her that I went into her room.

Dora: I heard that! You'll pay later, Katey-bug!

Kate looks scared.


Arthur and Dora sit on the living room couch. Dora has some carrot sticks and a green dip.

Arthur: So, um... how's school? We’re not in the same class, are we?

Dora: I skipped a year so I'm a fourth-grader, but I had Mr. Ratburn last year. He gave sooo much homework.

Arthur: I know, right?

Dora: I finally get why you were always so crabby.

Arthur: Was I always crabby?

Dora offer Arthur carrots.

Dora: No, I just mean, you know, busy. I'm sure I didn't help either. I bet I was even worse than Kate.

Arthur: You weren't so bad. Oh, I almost forgot, happy birthday. I was going to get you a present, but...

Dora: Are you kidding? Having you back is the present ever.

Arthur smiles.

Dora: Hey, wanna see my favorite show.

Arthur: Mary Moo Cow?

Dora: Don't be silly, that's a baby show! Although they did put a lot of adult references in there. No, this is my favorite show.

She turns on the TV and the introduction to ‘Cyborg Cindy’ plays.

Dora: Cyborg Cindy. She's a teenage girl who's part robot, but no one knows except her best friend. It's a spinoff from Bionic Bunny. Wanna watch?

Arthur: Sure. Definitely.

Dora: Pretty cool, right?

Arthur looks at Dora in surprise.

Arthur: Yeah, this is really fun.

Dora: Welcome home.


D.W.'s Dream[]

A moon with a face hangs over Ukubonga.

Monsters: (roar)

Moon: Huh?

Below, the monsters dance around a fire while D.W. sits on a throne. The monsters sing the ‘Big Beasty Boogaloo’ song.

Monsters: (roar)

Monsters: Make a silly face with an upturned nose

Take a spin around and then touch your toes

Everybody's doing what you want them to

Now you're doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo


Muk: Raise your pointy claws high in the air

Bobbles:Roar like a lion and stomp like a bear

Monster:Everyone is doing what you want them to

Now you're doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo.

D.W.: Roar!

The monsters pick up D.W. and swing on vines.

Monster: The boogaloo is something that you can't contain

It makes you run around like a runaway train

When the boogaloo takes you, it just won't let go

Until you're jiggin' with the rhythm of the boogaloo flow

Filomena: Wag your little tail like a happy dog

D.W.: Stick out your tongue like a hungry frog

Monster: Everyone is doing what you want them to

Now you're doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo

D.W.: Now in Ukubongan!

Monsters: Maka-laka-picky-ponga doo-bah-yay

Ooka-taka-ticky-tocky rah-rah-bay

Shicka-shocka-mookoo-maka bingy-boo

Now you're doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo!

Muk: Can we stop doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo?

D.W.: Not until I tell you to!

All: Boogaloo, Boogaloo, Boogaloo, Boogaloo!

D.W.: Roar!

The monsters fall down.

D.W.: Now what's what I call a party. Oof.

She falls down as well.


Real World[]

Meanwhile in the real world, Bud comes into D.W.’s room, still playing Hide and Seek. He sees feet sticking out under the bed and finds Timmy.

Bud: A-ha!


In the living room, Emily has put a lamp on the floor and sits on the table wearing the lampshade around her head. When Bud comes in, she freezes. Bud looks around.

Emily: (giggles)

Bud removes her lampshade.

Bud: Nice try.


Bud runs into the dining room and sees a half-eaten piece of cake on the table. He looks around.

Bud: Hm.

He opens a kitchen cupboard and finds Tommy eating cake.

Bud: Busted!


Shortly afterward, Bud, Emily and the Tibbles are in the living room. Tommy is still eating cake.

Bud: See, I told you I was a great finder.

Emily: Well, you haven't found everyone yet. Where's D.W.

Bud: Listen up! I'm appointing you all deputy seekers. I want every inch of this house checked and double-checked. Now spread out.

They walk off in different directions.

Bud walks into the hallway.

Bud: Hm. Now where would I be if I were D.W.?

He walks up the stairs, past the door to the storeroom.


D.W.'s Dream[]

The next day, D.W. plays a game against Muk. She rolls a rolled-up pill bug against Bud’s bug which runs away.

Muk: (roars) I lose again!

Bobblebay moves a parrot to keep score.

Bobblebay: That makes 22 wins for Queen D.W. and zero wins for Muk.

Muk: Another round? I'm feeling unlucky again.

D.W.: Nah, that's enough Ukubonga Marbles for a while. You guys can take a break.

The other pill bugs leave.

D.W.: What should we do now? Ideas, please.

The monsters scratch their heads. Then Bobbleboo picks D.W. up and they walk back to the village.

Bobbleboo: I could make you an Anything pie. It'll taste like anything you want.

D.W.: Not hungry.

Filomena: I could make you a ball gown from the feathers of the are and beautiful Nuk-Nuk bird.

D.W.: This robe is fine. Plus, that doesn't sound very nice for the Nuk-Nuk bird. Next!


D.W. sits on her throne and the monsters stand around her.

Muk: We could play Capture the Flag. Oh wait, we don't have enough monsters. Unless...

Filomena: Muk! Shh! Don't tell her!

D.W.: Don't tell me what?

The monsters exchange looks.

Bobblebay: There is one more monster on the island.

Bobbleboo: The Ruthra.

Filomena: But you don't wanna play with him.

Bobblebay: He's very disobedient.

Muk: And big and mean.

Bobbleboo: And disobedient.

Bobblebay: I said that already!

Bobbleboo: I said it better.

D.W.: Hm... I'd like to meet this Ruthra. Bring him to me!

Filomena: We can't.

Bobbleboo: Didn't you hear the part about him being big, mean and disobedient?

Muk: The Ruthra bows down to no one.

D.W.: Well, I'm the queen of this island and everyone has to bow down to me! No exceptions, understand?!

Monsters: Yes, my queen.

They bow.

D.W.: Good. Now if this Ruthra won't come when he's called, we'll just go get him and drag him back here. Prepare the expedition!


Arthur's Dream[]

It is the next morning. Kate stands in front of Arthur, who is sleeping on a camp bed in her room. Eventually, she tickles his ear.

Arthur: Ah!

Kate’s face swims in and out of focus.

Arthur: Augh!

He puts on his glasses.

Kate: Morning!

Arthur: How long have you been staring at me?

Kate: I don't know, I can't tell time. Boy, you sure sleep a lot. I’ve been up for hours. So, what are we going to play?

Arthur: I don't know. (yawns) I haven't even had breakfast yet.

Kate: Already thought of that.

She takes a strange-looking muffin out of a microwave.

Kate: Here you go.

Arthur: Ugh! What's that?

Kate: A muffin with fruit and bits of egg smooshed into it. It's a complete breakfast. Down the hatch.

Arthur: Um, I think I'll just have cereal.

Buster (downstairs): (giggles)

Arthur: Is Buster here?

Kate: You mean that dopey kid with long ears? Yeah. But you said you'd play with me today.

Arthur: I will, later.

He walks out. Kate looks disappointed.


Buster and Dora sit at the breakfast table.

Buster: The best part about the future is, so many of my predictions have come true. Like these bacon and eggs breakfast dumplings. I thought of that years ago.

Arthur joins them.

Dora: Haha! How come you never told me Buster was a genius?

Arthur: Um, because he isn't.

Buster: Arthur, have a breakfast dumpling. Remember when I tried to invent one?

Arthur tries one.

Arthur: Yuck! I remember why I'd stopped you. Hey, wanna go bowling today?

Buster: Sure.

Dora: Bowling? That's so retro.

Buster: Wanna come, Dora?

Dora: Can't. I'm going to the Hover Park with Bud!

Buster: Hover Park? What's that? Can we come?

Arthur: Buster, it's probably some little kid thing.

Dora: Little kid thing? (chuckles) I don't think so.


Dora, Arthur, Ladonna, Bud and Buster stand inside the Hover Park. Dora holds what looks like a skateboard without wheels and explains.

Dora: It's easy. Keeps your arms tucked in and lean in the direction you wanna go.

She jumps into a pit.

Dora: Cannonball!

Arthur: Augh! D.W.! Are you okay!

The pit is like a large bowl with air nozzles everywhere so the boards glide on an airstream. Dora rides around, as if in a half-pipe.

Dora: Woo-hoo!

Buster+Bud+Ladonna: Wow!

The other join Dora.

Bud: Ah!

Ladonna: Woo-hoo!

Buster: Woo-hoo!

Arthur: (gulps) Augh!

They all glide around.

Kids: (laugh)

Arthur: This is awesome!

Buster: Watch out! (laughs)

Arthur: Woo-hoo! Woo!

Ladonna: Whoa! I'm flying!

Buster: Yeah!

Arthur: This is great!

Dora does a handstand on the railing.

Dora: Woo-hoo!

The five minute timer runs out. The airstream goes off and the boards glide to the floor.

Arthur: That was amazing! Let's do it again!

Dora: I'd love to, but I have a ton of homework.

Arthur: Oh, come on, can't that wait, D.W.?

She gives him a look.

Arthur: I meant Dora. Just one more time. Please.

Dora: Sorry, Arthur.

She gives Arthur a plastic card.

Dora: Here, you can use my Hover Pass. You and Buster have a good time.

Arthur: You guys are leaving too?

Ladonna: Bud is taking me to meet some of his other friends.

Ladonna and Bud follow Dora to the exit. Bud puts on his usual hat after wearing a helmet in the pit.

Bud: Just promise me you won't tell any goofy stories about me as a kid.

Ladonna: Like the time you got your head stuck in a traffic cone?

Bud: Ladonna!

Ladonna: Nah, don't worry, butterbrains. Your secrets are safe with me.

Buster takes the Hover Pass.

Buster: Let's start it up again. It's great that she gave us her pass.

They take an elevator out of the pit.

Buster: You know, I never realized it, but your sister's really fun. Why did we never hang out years ago?

Arthur: Because she was so D.W.ish. You remember what she was like.

Buster: Actually... I don't. I just remember you always trying to get away from her.

Arthur looks surprised. Buster uses the Hover Pass to turn on the machine.

Buster: Blast off!

He starts riding the board. Arthur still looks thoughtful.


D.W.'s Dream[]

D.W. and the four monsters are on their expedition in the jungle.

Ruthra (offscreen): (roars)

Bobblebay: I spotted him!

Ruthra is playing with action figures made from kelp and a stick. He resembles Arthur and is a lot bigger than the other monsters.

Ruthra: Hmm... Help me, Lieutenant Bogey! Save me from the squid monster. (roars)

D.W.: He doesn't look so mean. But he is big. Okay, I'm gonna go talk to him. Get plan B ready, just in case.

D.W. walks towards Ruthra.

Ruthra: (laughs, roars)

D.W.: Hey, Ruthra!

Ruthra: Huh? Who are you?!

D.W.: D.W. Read, queen of this island.

Ruthra takes a few steps towards her that make the ground shake.

Ruthra: Says who?!

D.W.: Says me... and this ticket.

Ruthra: Oh, you've got the ticket.

He takes it and walks a few steps.

Ruthra: Haven't seen one of these in a while.

He throws the ticket away.

Ruthra: You're the queen! Big deal! So what?!

D.W.: So you have to bow down to me.

Ruthra: (laughs) Me?! Never!!

D.W.: Oh, come on. Just one little bows, then we'll go to the beach, have a feast, play some games... Between you and me, I'm getting a little bored of the others.

Ruthra looks at the others. Muk is sharpening his claws and Filomena is knitting.

Filomena: Knit one, purl two...

The Bobbles are making mud pies.

Bobblebay: Ew! Nice mud pie, Bobbleboo.

Bobbleboo: Have some!

He throws the mud in Bobblebay’s face.

Ruthra: They do seem a little boring. But Ruthra bows to no one!

D.W.: Fine, have it your way! Plan B, everyone!! Plan B!!

The Bobbles throw a net over Ruthra.

Ruthra: (roars)

He tries to break free while the Bobbles try to restrain him with ropes. Filomena kneels behind Ruthra and Muk gives Ruthra a push so he falls over her. The Bobbles tie up his feet.

D.W.: You are going to bow down to me and then we’re gonna have fun! Whether you like it or not!

Ruthra: (roars)

He struggles against the ropes.


Arthur's Dream[]

Arthur and Buster return from the Hover Park.

Buster: I think that was the most fun I’ve ever had.

Arthur: I know. Let's go to the Hover Park every weekend.

Buster: See you in school tomorrow.

Arthur: Later.

Arthur walks into the Reads’ yard. Through the Molinas’ window, he sees Dora and Vicita playing cards.

Dora+Vicita: (laugh)

Arthur: (sighs)


A while later, Arthur sits on the living room couch and reads ‘The Gourmet Ghost’. Dora returns.

Arthur: I thought you had a ton of homework.

Dora: I do. Why?

Arthur: I saw you over at the Molinas.

Dora: Oh, I was just... helping Vicita with something.

She fiddles her glasses.

Arthur: Hey, Cyborg Cindy's on now. Wanna watch it together?

Dora: Sorry, gotta hit the books.

She goes upstairs.

Arthur turns on the TV where Cyborg Cindy is facing a villain.

Cyborg Cindy (on TV): Professor Entropy, it's time for you to be schooled.

Professor Entropy (on TV): You school me?? I’ve taught you everything you know.

Cyborg Cindy (on TV): Ha!

She extends a mechanical arm.

Professor Entropy (on TV): Oof!

He does the same and their fists clash several times.

Dora (upstairs): Arthur!!

Arthur eagerly runs upstairs.

Arthur: Hey. Need something? Want some help with your homework?

Dora: Help with my homework? Haha. I'm a grade ahead of you, remember?

Arthur: Oh. Right.

Dora: Could you turn the TV down? Thanks.

She becomes absorbed in her homework. Arthur looks shocked. He leaves sadly. Kate is waiting in the hallway.

Kate: See what I mean? Homework homework homework. It's all she ever talks about. Hey, wanna watch Dr. Quackers with me?

Arthur: What's that?

Kate: He's a duck and a doctor. He sings songs about numbers and colors and being nice.

Arthur: Um... Maybe later.

Kate: Oh, come on, please! He teaches you a new dance every show.

Arthur walks downstairs.

Kate: You're just like Dora. No one ever wants to spend any time with me.

Arthur stops and watches Kate walk away. He looks guilty.


D.W.'s Dream[]

Ruthra has been chained to a peg on the beach. He is turned away from D.W. and sulks.

D.W.: Why won't you pay attention to me?!

Ruthra: I'm busy.

D.W.: No, you're not! You're just standing there!

Ruthra: I'm busy ignoring you.

Bobblebay brings a cake.

D.W.: Look, I had Bobblebay make you an Anything cake. It can taste like anything you want.

Ruthra tries some of the cake.

Ruthra: Mmm.

D.W.: What are you tasting?

Ruthra: Not telling!

He sulks again.

D.W.: Hey, you dropped a piece!

Ruthra: Where?

D.W.: Right there.

Ruthra bows to search the ground.

D.W.: Haha, made you bow!

Ruthra: (roars)

He throws the cake at D.W., narrowly missing her.

D.W.: Just for that, you have to listen to more music. Nuk-Nuk bird!

A strange bird comes flying and sits on a branch near Ruthra. She opens her beak and Mary Moo Cow’s voice comes out.

Nuk-Nuk Bird: “Let’s all count to one! Let’s all count to one! Ready, set…"

D.W.: One!

Nuk-Nuk Bird: “Counting up to one.”

Ruthra: (howls)

Ruthra covers his ears. D.W. leaves with Bobblebay.

Nuk-Nuk Bird: “Let’s all count to one! Let’s all count to one!”


Later, D.W. sits on her throne.

Filomena: I told you that Ruthra is no good.

Muk: What kind of monster doesn't bow to his queen.

Bobbleboo: We should throw him in the volcano!

Bobblebay: Yeah! Yeah!

Bobbleboo: Throw him in the volcano!

Bobblebay: In the volcano!

Bobbleboo: Yeah!

D.W.: No!! No one is gonna lay a finger on him! Ruthra may be mean, grumpy and a stick-in-the-mud, but he's interesting.

Muk: But... he doesn't worship you.

D.W.: I know. That's what makes him interesting. You four are just a bunch of Yes-monsters.

Monsters: Yes, my queen.

D.W.: (sighs) They're hopeless.

She throws away the scepter and leaves.


D.W. walks back to Ruthra and the Yuk-Yuk bird.

Nuk-Nuk Bird: “Let’s all count to one! Let’s all count to one! Ready, set, one! Counting up to one.”

Ruthra: (howls)

D.W.: Okay, you can stop now. Be gone!

The bird flies away.

Ruthra: Oh, that's better. But whatever you want me to do, I'm not doing it!

D.W.: Fine. I don't care. I just wanted to get away from them for a while. Always getting your way can be pretty exhausting.

Ruthra: I know.

D.W.: You do?

Ruthra: Once, I was the king of Ukubonga.

Flashback: Little Arthur sits at the Reads’ dining table with Buster and Francine. He tries the cake and makes a face.

Ruthra (narrator): It was my fifth birthday and everything was going wrong.

Little Arthur walks into the hallway with a new-looking Stanley

Ruthra (narrator): At one point, I ran away from my own party...

Buster and Francine exchange confused looks.

Ruthra (narrator): ...and hid from everyone else.

Little Arthur hides in the storeroom under the stairs and closes the door.

Ruthra (narrator): That's when I was given the ticket.

Stanley holds up a golden ticket.

Flashback: Little Arthur stands on the beach of Ukubonga.

Ruthra (narrator): At first, I loved the island.

The monsters carry Arthur through the jungle. He is wearing a purple crown and holding a scepter with a figure of Stanley on it.

Ruthra (narrator): I now was given anything I wanted. It was the best party ever.

Flashback: Arthur sits on the throne looking bored while the monsters hop around.

Ruthra (narrator): Then one day I realized I was bored. Life was just too easy. So I quit being the king and left.

Arthur throws his crown and scepter down and runs away.

The flashbacks end. Ruthra and D.W. sit side by side on the beach.

Ruthra: I went to the middle of the island where I lived alone. I grew bigger and meaner... and lonelier.

D.W.: But why didn't you just leave Ukubonga and go back home?

Ruthra: You can't leave! The island won't let you. Once you're here, you're here forever.

D.W.: No! I'm not staying here!

Vines start moving in the jungle.

D.W.: I'm going home and I'm going to take you with me! Here's what we’re going to do. (whispers)


Arthur's Dream[]

Dora sits on her bed. Her cellphone creates a hologram of the Tibbles floating in space.

Timmy+Tommy (on phone): (laugh)

Dora: (laughs) Do it again!

The Tibbles turn around.

Arthur (outside): Hey, Dora. Can I come in?

Dora: Enter.

Arthur: What're you doing?

Dora: Just talking with the Tibbles. They're doing a semester in space. Hey, guys, say “Hi” to Arthur.

Timmy (on phone): Hey, welcome back. Wanna see me eat peas.

He throws a pea at his face which bounces off his helmet and is caught by Tommy.

Timmy (on phone): Hey! That was mine!

Tommy (on phone): Uh-uh! It was from my pack.

Timmy lunges at him

Timmy+Tommy (on phone): (struggle: Give it! Let go!)

The hologram hiccups and goes out. Dora turns off the phone.

Dora: The reception is a little spotty. What's up?

Arthur: Um... Well... I just wanted to... apologize.

Dora: Apologize for what?

Arthur: For not being the best older brother. I ignored you a lot, I didn't want to spend time with you just because you were younger and... well... now I wish I had.

Dora: It's okay. I would have been the exact same way. Don't worry about it.

Arthur: Really? Wow, thank... Dora. So... wanna hang out after school tomorrow.

The hologram comes back.

Timmy (on phone): Hey, Dora, are you there? Tommy is about to eat soup.

Dora: Just a minute, Timmy.

She turns it off and leads Arthur to the door.

Dora: Um, tomorrow is not so good. But later. Definitely later.

She closes the door.


Arthur does math homework on the camp bed. Kate comes in with a Fluff McGuffin doll and a resigned expression.

Kate: I'd ask you if you'd like to have tea with me, but I already know what the answer would be.

Arthur looks stunned. Kate puts Fluff on a chair.

Arthur: Hey, is that Fluff McGuffin?

Kate: Yes. As if you'd care.

Arthur: That's what Dora really wanted for her birthday. Back when she was still a kid. I kind of miss her.

He looks at Kate and smiles. Kate pretends to pour tea when Arthur walks over to her.

Arthur: Two lumps, no cream.

Kate smiles.


D.W.'s Dream[]

At night, D.W. fills the small sailboat with fruit and coconuts.

D.W.: Hh!

She hides as Bobbleboo walks by. Then she opens the lock to Ruthra’s chain with a key.

D.W.: Quickly to the boat!

Ruthra: But won't they see that you've gone?

D.W.: I created a diversion

A stick puppet wearing the regal clothes sits on the throne. Muk fans it with a large leaf.

Muk: (yawns)

He accidentally knocks the puppet’s head off with his fan.

Muk: Huh? What have I done? My Queen!

He touches a stick arm and the puppet falls apart.

Muk: Rrrr! Bobblebay! Bobbleboo! Filomena! Come quick!

The others come out of their huts. He shows them the empty robe.

Monsters: Arr!

Muk runs towards the beach and the others follow.

Monsters: (roar)

Muk: No! They're getting away!

D.W. stands in the boat and Ruthra is about to get in.

Filomena: Stop them!

Monsters: (howl)

The howling makes vines come out of the jungle.

D.W.: Hh!

The vines grab the boat.

D.W.: Augh! They're going to break the boat!

Ruthra: Oh no, not if I can help it! (roars)

He fights the vines and pushes the boat into the sea. The vines hold him and pull him back towards the jungle.

D.W.: No!! Ruthra! I won't leave you behind!

Ruthra: Roar. Go! Go back while you still can!

D.W.: Oh, Ruthra!

The boat drifts from the shore.


Arthur's Dream[]

Arthur sits at Kate’s table looking bored.

Kate: And then the lady said to Mr. Worthing: To lose one teddy bear is very sad, but to lose both is simply careless.

Arthur: (yawns)

Kate: What on Earth do you think that means, Mr. McGuffin.

Real World[]

The dreams end. In the real world, the kids start leaving the planetarium’s theater after the show. Buster shakes Arthur awake.

Buster: Arthur, wake up!

Arthur: Huh?

Buster: You slept through the whole thing.

Arthur: What time is it? Did we go through a wormhole?

Buster: A wormhole? I don't think I fit in a wormhole. Maybe a rabbit hole.

Arthur: Hey, Muffy, can I see the date on your phone?

Muffy hands him her cell phone.

Arthur: Yes! It's the present.

He squeezes Muffy.

Muffy: Oogh. What other time would it be? You're coming to my party, right?

Arthur: What party?

Muffy: I emailed you about it. Everyone's invited to my house as a reward for doing something sciencey on the weekend. There'll be pizza, movies...

Arthur: I can't, it's D.W.’s birthday!

He runs out.

Muffy: Ugh! Didn't she just have one, like a year ago?

Ladonna: Remember to buy her a present!


Arthur runs to Patrick’s Chocolates and looks at the chocolate in the window. Then he runs to the toy store which is just closing.

Arthur: Wait! Wait! I have to get something!

Assistant: Sorry, we’re closed. Come back tomorrow.

Arthur: Tomorrow is too late! It's my sister's birthday and I really have to get her a present.

Assistant: What about chocolate?

Arthur: Please!


D.W. wakes up in the storeroom.

D.W.: No! Ruthra!

She rubs her eyes. Nadine appears with the glass of fireflies.

Nadine: So? How was the vacation?

D.W.: Well, you know what they say: The best part about going on a trip is coming home. Did Bud find me?

Nadine: Not yet.

D.W.: What?? But it's probably been hours and hours.

Nadine: Like I said: You're a really good hider.

D.W.: I'm not that good. I bet they all just stopped looking.

Nadine: Maybe you should just call it quits and join the others.

D.W.: No! I wanna be found. If they care enough, they'll find me.


Meanwhile, Bud is searching the trashcan in the kitchen.

Bud: D.W.?

He comes up and has a bit of orange peel on his hat.

Bud: Where is she?

Tommy is lying on the floor, looking like he ate too much cake.

Tommy: Maybe we should stop. Hide and Seek is giving me a tummy-ache.

Bud joins Emily and Timmy who are sitting at the kitchen table.

Emily: You know, sometimes the best way to find something is to just stop looking.


A while later, Arthur comes in with a present.

Arthur: D.W.! I'm here! I made it!

He hangs up his coat and goes into the living room where the other kids sit, looking bored.

Arthur: D.W.! Where's D.W.?

Tommy: We’re looking for her.

Arthur: Really? You look like you're just laying around.

Emily: We were playing Hide and Seek and... Bud couldn't find her, so... we’re hoping she'll just... turn up.

Arthur: (sniffs) Ugh! You smell!

Bud: It comes with the job, sir.

Arthur: D.W.!


Arthur walks into the hallway.

Arthur: D.W.?

He looks around and notices that the storeroom door is not closed all the way.

Arthur comes into the storeroom with a lamp. D.W. is delighted.

D.W.: Arthur, you found me!

Arthur: This is where I used to hide when I was a kid. I haven't been in here in ages.

D.W.: Come on in.

She makes room and Arthur sits beside her.

Arthur: So, how was the party?

D.W.: Okay, I guess. It's better now.

Arthur: Oh, I got you a present.

He gives her the box. She opens it and finds that it is a Fluff McGuffin doll.

D.W.: Hh! It's Fluff McGuffin the Magic Puffin!

She hugs the box.

D.W.: How did you know?

Arthur: You've only been talking about it nonstop for the last three weeks.

D.W.: Where's my card?

Arthur: (sighs) Here.

He reluctantly gives her the card.

D.W.: That's a little boy on the cover!

Arthur: I know, I know, I was in a rush!

D.W.: Too much in a rush to remember you were buying a card for your little sister?!

Arthur: I made a mistake, okay? I'm sorry.

D.W.: It's okay. At least they're cute little llamas.

Arthur: Llamas? I thought they were aardvarks.

D.W.: No, no, they're definitely llamas.

Arthur: Happy birthday, D.W. One more thing. I know I don't say it a lot, but... well... I like you. And not just ‘cause your my sister.

D.W.: I like you too. Even if you are a terrible birthday card picker.

Arthur: So… wanna come out now?

D.W.: Let’s stay here just a tiny bit longer.

They sit side by side.

Arthur: Could you move over? I don’t have enough room.

D.W.: There’s plenty of room! You should eat less! Hey, wanna learn the Beasty Boogaloo Song?

Arthur: Um… Do I have to?

D.W.: Yes, it’s my birthday.

Arthur: Fine, fine. Whatever you want, Dora.

D.W.: What did you call me?!

Arthur: Sorry, sorry. Okay, teach me the song.

D.W.: We’ll do it in Ukubongan first: “Maka-laka-picky-ponga doo-bah-yay…”

Arthur: No way! I'm not saying...

D.W.: Arthur, it's my birthday!

Arthur: (sighs)

D.W.: “Maka-laka-picky-ponga doo-bah-yay…”

The camera pans back as the preschoolers resume searching in the hallway.



D.W., Arthur and the monsters dance around the campfire on Ukubonga!

All: Maka-laka-picky-ponga doo-bah-yay

Ooka-taka-ticky-tocky rah-rah-bay

Shicka-shocka-mookoo-maka bingy-boo

Now you're doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo!

Muk: Can we stop doing the Big Beasty Boogaloo?

D.W.: Not until I tell you to!

All: Boogaloo, Boogaloo, Boogaloo, Boogaloo!

Arthur+D.W.: Roar!

D.W. and the Beastly Birthday/Transcript (2024)


What was DW's name in Arthur? ›

Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is a preschooler who is the younger sister of Arthur and the older sister of Kate. She is the middle child in the Read family.

What race is Arthur? ›

In a recent interview with Variety, Brown explained that even though racial identity has been established in the "Arthur" universe — for example, Brain's family is from Senegal and celebrates Kwanzaa — he didn't assign a specific race to the lead character. "You know, I myself didn't really put a race on Arthur.

Is D.W. from Arthur a brat? ›

D.W. is mischievous, dramatic, bossy, and throws tantrums easily. Usually, she acts like a selfish brat and enjoys annoying her big brother Arthur and blaming him for things he didn't do, but she still loves him deep down and has cooperated with him before to help her family.

Was D.W. voiced by a boy? ›

D.W., it turns out, has always been voiced by several boy actors over the years. Jason Szwimer, one of those male voices, is returning to the cartoon character he first played at age 10 in a new podcast, Finding D.W. It helped him get answers to why the character wasn't voiced by young girls.

What animal is binky? ›

Shelley "Binky" Barnes (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore) is a bulldog who usually wears an orange shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes. He is in the third grade for a second time after failing and having to retake it. He plays the clarinet, catches butterflies, loves art, and enjoys ballet.

How old is Arthur's little sister? ›

The tensions between Arthur and his 4-year-old (later 5-year-old) sister, Dora Winifred "D.W." Read, are a common theme in the Arthur series. Arthur is constantly pestered by D.W., who goes out of her way to get Arthur into trouble, which often causes Arthur to retaliate, by getting into quarrels with his friends.

How old are the characters in Arthur? ›

Arthur is eight years old, lives in Elwood City, and is in the third grade at Lakewood Elementary School. He has two younger sisters D.W. (Dora Winifred) who is in preschool and is often a main character on the show, and Kate, who is a baby.


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